New Features / Enhancements

⭐ OLTP Archive data migration tool released

Introducing the ability to add source databases. Users can now configure source database details, including credentials, enabling the system to detect changes and efficiently load data from the source database to the destination database.

OLTP Job Wizard: Once a source database is configured, users can create a job seamlessly through a wizard form. This feature allows users to load data from a selected source and choose or create a destination database within the cluster. The wizard guides users through the process, making it easy to select source database and tables for loading into the destination database.

Enhanced User Interface: A new source list page, job list page and job details page have been added to provide a comprehensive and organised view of your data migration tasks. Users can effortlessly manage and monitor their migration process with improved visibility.

Source and Job Management: Users now have the flexibility to modify source details, delete sources, test source connections, and delete jobs directly from the interface. This added control enhances the overall user experience, allowing for efficient management of sources and jobs.

⭐ Breadcrumb Navigation In header

Featuring a breadcrumb navigation system in the header. This intuitive navigation enhances user accessibility and provides a clear path for user to follow while exploring the portal.

⭐ Cloud and Region selection:

Users can now choose their preferred cloud provider and region directly within the portal. This addition allows for a greater flexibility and customisation ensuring that you can deploy and manage clusters in the environment that best suits your needs.

⭐ Status Page in Help Section:

Access real-time information about the status of ChistaDATA Cloud platform in the new status page located in the help section. Stay informed about the system updates and maintenance.

⭐ Deploy Proxy During Cluster Creation:

Introducing the option to deploy a proxy during the cluster creation process. This enhancement provides, users with more control over their cluster configurations, offering a seamless experience when setting up proxy settings.


🐛 Theme change issue resolved:

We have addressed and fixed the theme change issue that some users may have encountered.

You can find the full changelog for this release in this link 🔍