v1.10.0 (2023-06-26)

Portal UI (v1.10.0)

  • Feat/codemirror update by @vishal-joshy in PR #313
  • feat: update API config for metrics by @midhunadarvin in PR #312
  • fix: issue with unsubscribe of metrics by @midhunadarvin in PR #314
  • feat: add query editor custom completions by @vishal-joshy in PR #315
  • feat: add clickhouse completions by @vishal-joshy in PR #316

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Portal API (v1.10.0)

  • Added from and to params for historic data querying by @sinsinan in PR #202
  • Updated metrics queries with downsampling support by @sinsinan in PR #203
  • Hot swappable metrics queries by @dheeraj-326 in PR #204
  • Clickhouse completions by @v4run in PR #206
  • Named args: Using clickhouse supported named args feature by @dheeraj-326 in PR #205
  • Dev by @sinsinan in PR #207

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