v1.18.2 (2024-02-21)

Control Plane (v1.9.1)

  • pg schema v2 by @AdheipSingh in PR #240
  • [Control Plane v2] Provider API by @AdheipSingh in PR #242
  • Add ER diagram to start the documentation of control-plane v2 by @jhonis in PR #245
  • Remove ER diagram aliases to fix the rendering of it in GitHub by @jhonis in PR #253
  • [v2] Control Plane Instance Size API and Connection Pool Implementation by @AdheipSingh in PR #251
  • Add AWS Cli to Dockerfile by @AdheipSingh in PR #258
  • Replace base image with dbaas-golang-base which don’t have any reported CVE by @jhonis in PR #259
  • not execute ecr auth on aws by @AdheipSingh in PR #261
  • add service account creation to chi by @AdheipSingh in PR #262

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